2nd Grade Challenge

IXL Goods and services

Poisonous vs Venomous

National Geographic Dinosaurs

Discovery Kids

Charlotte's Web


Charlotte's Death

Wilbur Meets Charlotte
Templeton's Egg

Some Pig
**Charlotte's Mortality
saurs Before Dark Vocabulary Flash Cards. First study the words

Charlotte's Web Flash Cards First study the words at the bottom

charlotte's web

National Geographic for Kids

Animal Research

Virtual Field Trip Amazon group 2.1 is 3:18 into it. 2.3 about the same?

Animals at 2:17, 2:38

Army Ants

Animals to research---information at enchanted learning too: sloth 68-69, vampire bats 52-53, jaguar, anacondas 54-55, piranha, crocodiles.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Animated Egypt 7:40, 14:50

Voki Advice to 2nd graders


Tessellation Island

Pattern Blocks
Group A
Sun Enchanted Learning

Piranhas Enchanted Learning

Blue Jays Enchanted Learning

Sugar Gliders Enchanted Learning

Group B
T. Rex Enchanted Learning

New Mosasaurus



Pebblego dolphins, T Rex, tornadoes, chihuahuas, galaxies in solar system, cheetahs, ladybugs

Enchanted Learning Bull Sharks

Crab Spider

Enchanted Learning Ladybugs

Enchanted Learning Saturn

Enchanted Learning

2nd Grade Nonfiction Note Taking make a copy and share with kristin woods


Newton's 3 laws

Bill Nye & Newton's 3rd



Newton Biography username: dpsdoull

password: dpsbrainpop

Oregon Trail

Mexican American War


Windy Nights Poem

Who is the "he" in the poem? What clues do you have to tell who "he" is?

Which words does the author use multiple times? Why are these important to the order of the poem? Whenever tells... By tells... gallop tells. Together these words tell the ___.

Wind causes many things to happen. What happens in the poem as a result of the wind? Can you think of other effects that the wind causes?

Inventors Chart to Fill In File, make a copy

Encyclopedia Britannica

Inventions LInk for Ms. Woods

Two Bad Ants Read Aloud

Two Bad Ants Work

BBC Sounds and Quiz (easier)

BBC Sounds and Quiz (more challenging)

Vibration = back and forth movement
Tuning Fork PBS Zoom , Straw Instrument Zoom

Other things that vibrate?

Touch your neck with your fingertips.

Magic School Bus Identify Sounds students

Listening Memory Game students

Measuring Sound

King Soopers Weekly Ad You have $20 to spend to make a lunch for your friends. What will you buy?

Find an animal with information on the park website.

Yellowstone Wildlife (animals) Yellow basket table. Alejandra = bison, Emilio = prairie rattlesnake, Vanessa = loon (common) see , Tony

Yellowstone Plants

Zion Animals Lt Green basket table. Valeria G = ring tailed cat (no pebblego), Diego = rock squirrel, Ricardo = gray fox (no pebblego) see Enchanted Learning, Cianna

Zion Plants

Redwood Animals Green table. Diana = orca (killer whales), Valeria L = harbor porpoise (no pebblego), Jose = humpback whale? Samuel = mountain lion

Redwood Trees

Acadia Animals beavers, peregrine falcons, porcupines, sea stars in pebblego

Acadia Plants

Acadia Jr Ranger book has plants and animals. Peregrine Falcon in pebblego

How to Draw Cow & Sitting Dog

Draw a Fox

Trading Card for Biography

How to get your picture

How to put your information into the trading card

abcya! animate

Emilio's Kazoo

Sounds that 2nd Grade Recorded! Do you know what they are?

Here are the answers! See our draft slideshow! Can you guess what the other sounds were?

Thursday Group Rock Analogies! Listen to our work!

Friday Group Rock Analogies! Listen to our work!

King Soopers Weekly Ad

Make a Tangram Set

Hundreds Chart from abcya

Read: Uses of Rock

Trickster Rocks and Soil Game

BBC Video Clip about Types of Rock and How They Are Formed

BBC Rocks & Soil use this one to fill in your chart

Analogies from Rocks & Weathering-----our work!

Economy of Communities

How Things Are Made

Lemonade Game