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Library: You will be creating one slide each to show your life cycle. One person will have the baby, one the adult, and one or two people will show the in between stages. Then you will put them together to make a slideshow. The final touch will be to add some thinking about the life cycle.

How to Start and Name Your Slide

Putting your slides together into a slideshow when you are ready Do File---Make a copy before you share it. That is your back up copy.

Giant weta : the world's biggest grasshopper by Natalie Lunis

209: You will need a "sources" slide too. Dart Frog Group: One slide per stage Do File, make a copy before your share.
Lupita: March 24: nymph grasshoper. done with sources. you will collect from Luis and Juan.
Luis:March 24: ready for sources.
Juan: March 16: adult grasshopper. (other info?)
Esmeralda & Angie: March 16:add a slide or 2 to show all of the stages for you two. (Erik & Jason have rattlesnake specifically). I will give you the snake book again if you need it in addition to your notes.
Jason C: March 16: Excellent! add sources. rattlesnake.
Erik E: March 16: adult rattlesnake slide with information. add a source slide and collect slides from others.
Andrew: March 16: adult grasshopper slide --well done! add source slide
Jason O:March 16: baby grasshopper done. add source slide.
Angie: March 16: mother & baby snake life cycle.
Kimberly, Brandon, Johan: March 16: add a sources slide for your information and pictures. Johan and Brandon will add theirs to your group slide. (Kimberly's account)
Stephanie: March 16:you have information about baby. are there any more details you can add from your notes? then do your sources slide.
Mariela: March 16: adult horse information. ready for sources. Make sure slides are all in your own words. (check your slide #5).
Erick P: March 16: becoming an adult. ready for sources

207: all presented
Gael: March 24: file, make a copy. then share with Jayla
Noah H: March 17: ready for sources slide. ??
Ethan & Ezekial: March 24: Keep going with life cycle steps. I will give you some printed out information.
Chris: March 24: ready for picture source.
Ryan: March 24: ready for picture source.
Yamileth: March 24: ready for picture source. I changed "teenager" to "juvenile" on your slide.
Jayla: March 24: ready to import slides
Larry, Long, Alice, & Ruby: March 24: Add a title slide and a picture sources slide. Then you are ready to practice reading your slides aloud to present.
Andrew: March 24:ready for picture source

208: presentations are done! see symmetry animation example. sketch your beginning idea for your animation.

Ariel, Elijah, CJ: April 7: ready to present!

Vanessa, James, Gabe, Yazminn:April 7: ready to present if you have practiced reading it aloud. (Gabe nbk)

John & Valentino: April 7::Ready to present.
"John great white shark life cycle 208 newest" I took out "repeating" information to make your slideshow clearer.

Arianna, Timmy, Gerardo: April 7: Great job! Ready for rubric.

Davian: April 7: add information today in your own words.

Thinking Question Slides for 208

Which can live more easily---- a snake egg or a great white shark pup? Explain your answer.
Why do you think that the blue whale can live for so long?

Questions for Groups
How do the animal's needs change during the life cycle?
How do animal needs differ between animals? For example, Unlike a grasshopper, a snake needs... etc.

pebblego.jpg brit elem.png

Life Cycles Research

Blue Whale---use book and Pebblego: Gerardo, Amaya, Arianna, Timmy

Great White Shark Sharks never stop growing----add this fact. : James, Yazmin, Vanessa, Gabe, Valentino, John,
Ruby, Long, Larry Pebble Go has information too.

Poisonous Dart Frogs for your pictures
and use Pebblego or Encyclopedia Britannica for more information above Brandon, Kimberly, Johan

Grasshopper Luis, Juan, Maria P., Lupita. Look in the book first. Then you can find pictures here. Also Andrew, Jason O., Mia
Use Pebblego Life Cycle

Snakes Use Book and Pebblego Life Cycle. Yamileth, Noah H., Gael, Jayla and Jason C., Erik E., Angie, Esmeralda
Elijah,Anna,Ariel---both sources done? decide who will do each slide
Britannica Elementary also has life cycle information

Horse: Listen to Britannica Elementary Life Cycle. Marielah, Carlos, Erick P., Stephanie,
Horse Life Cycle Stages Include in your notes: yearling, 2 year old ,adult, geriatric
Pebblego has types of horses

Spider Life Cycle Enchanted Learning and use Britannica Elementary too. Ethan, Ezekial

Gorilla Andrew, Chris, Angel, Ryan

Snakes Use Book and Pebblego. Yamileth, Noah H., Gael, Jayla

Dolphin and use Pebblego

National Geographic Kids for extra information after you have chosen your animal.

Using the Lion Computer Catalog to Find Books

Lion Catalog