McKylah & Esmeralda is Pierce. Romeo & Juliet, scene with Juliet and the nurse.

Yazmine: sonnet, Kimberly, Brooklyn, Kelly= Gomez---Sonnet 105

Brooklyn: As You Like It, Act 3, scene 2, page 5

Cleopatra Scene

8:36 at scene

Sonnet 130 Ana and Caitlynn Listen A sonnet that is realistic. Nobody is perfect.

Recitation 130 example

Sonnet text

Sonnet 116 Serenity and Katrina Listen A poem about love in its true form. January 2015: Katrina to finds, Serenity to bark

Recitation 116 Example

Sonnet 116 text

Manuel Richard III "Now is the winter of..." text

Macbeth Parts: Miguel, Alejandro, Evan = soldiers; Guadalupe = nonspeaking witch. Rita & Schannel: speaking witches