Romeo & Juliet: Act 2, scene 5

at 5:13 Rosalind and Touchstone

Helen Mirren Rosalind
Katrina & Serenity sonnet. lends itself to boy & girl--sonnet 23
Jester monologues back up plan for Miguel, Cesar, Nicolas
Caitlynn & Ana sonnet 56
Marcela--monologue---fairy queen Titania
Manuel: St. Crispian Speech, Henry V

Miguel & Nicolas will try for after school--depending on day
As You Like It full play Georgia Southwestern State University, Traditional

Boxing Scene Play first. to :38

RSC Act I scene 3: Duke Ferdinand banishes Rosalind, at 4:00 they plan to go together. Play Second

Adam & Orlando Leave

All the World's a Stage when Orlando and Adam join the banished Duke and his men.

The Duke sends Oliver to find his brother

Rosalind finds the letters

Screencast of Oliver and the lion. Ms. Woods will play

Full Play 1:50 Oliver tells what Orlando did, 2:14 the couples marry, 2:15 the crown is returned!



Old Globe Highlights

Kevin Kline

see also Helen Mirren and highlights video clips


Group Scene: Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 7. Soldiers: Joseph = Thane, Jose. Ezra = Macbeth, Janet = Ross, Ruben = Malcolm + 4th grade soldiers:Evan, Miguel, Alejandro, Cesar V.

Introduction to Macbeth = Janet

Text for Macbeth

Act 5, scene 7 video good for fighting choreography, soldiers. Macduff & Macbeth

Act 5, scene 7 part one with Young Siward & Macbeth

BBC Macbeth. Go to 2:13 for last scene. at 2:19 Macbeth reacts to Macduff's news, 2:21 Old Siward hears of his son
Then: hail, king of Scotland
Act 5, scene 8 video

Witches Act 1 scene 3 video at 2:40

Ezra King Henry V, Act IV, sc 3 text

Watch video w/Kenneth B. start at 42 seconds

Eternity & Alex

video for Two Gentlemen of Verona

Text for Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act 1, Scene 2 shorter version