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Newsela Articles

1. Open Newsela and Log in
2. “Do Kids get an awful lot of Homework?” 560L
  • Answer the quiz questions.
  • Highlight the main idea in each of the three sections in red
  • Highlight two details in each section that support the main ideas in blue.
3. Share your opinion
4. “Milk’s Missing from many Mealtimes.” 740L

1. Go to Newsela and read the article about climate change.
2. Make a copy of the following Google Doc.
PRO/CON: When Should Congress Make major climate change laws?

Roald Dahl Table

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After reading articles in Newsela
Main Idea FORM

March 6th
Read Article assigned in NEWSELA - "Mystery disease hit starfish along West Coast"
  • Set the Reading Level to 730L
  • Read the article
  • Answer the quiz questions, highlight where you found your answers in the text (for Questions 2, 3, & 4)
  • Watch Video
  • Link to the following form


1. Open the Google doc and Make a Copy
Reading Response - Music and Learning
2. Rename the document - change "Copy of" top your full name
3. Complete your assignment
4. Share the document with Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Buck
5. Logout and shut down your Chromebook

Writing Plan Template

- Register for NEWSELA
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Article from Time For KIDS

Article Short Constructed Response

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Add Google Extension - Readability
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Add Read&Write Google Extension

Culture Grams
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