Optical Illusion Drawing

Test Two Math Friday April 14

Test Three Math Friday April 14

Monday Problem

Test Three


Test Two Practice

Test One Practice


Wolves/Lynx Compare and Contrast Make a copy, share with kristin woods

Tico and the Golden Wings RACE writing

Tico and the Golden Wings text

Climate Change Link

Some text from __Rama and the Demon King__ by Jessica Souhami

Essay about Rama Make a copy and share with kristin woods

A character (3.2) from Rama and the Demon King is .

Scholastic Character Traits

Trickster Tales! In a trickster tale, a smaller animal uses cunning and wit to outsmart a stronger animal who is only thinking of himself. The Monkey and the Crocodile is an Indian trickster tale. First the monkey tricks the crocodile by....This means...Then the monkey tricks the crocodile by... This means. . Finally the monkey......In these three ways, the monkey outwits the crocodile.

Seven Blind Mice

Seven Blind Mice is a story that teaches a lesson. The lesson of the story is...The Mouse thought it was a _ . The _ Mouse .....

Use this lesson to talk about how complex India is. Write a paragraph about 3 mice who explore one place of worship each, one elementary aged kid each,
Culturegrams. Put your paragraph into a google slide.


In our folktales, each character uses skills to get what he/she wants or to increase learning. Choose two of the folktales and compare/contrast the skills used to achieve goals.

Tico and the Golden Wings is a story by Leo Lionni that takes place in India. What do you think about the way the other birds react to Tico during the story?

What do you think the author's message is? Explain your message using evidence from the text.

Everything You Need to Know about Frogs

Amazon Horned Frog

Glass Frog dedicated group 3.2 & Valeria and group 3.1

Frog Skin

Most Interesting Life Cycle Stage

Nov 17 Questions

Adaptations Paragraph from Article

Abcya Animate

Bullfrog Clip Jot down adaptations and reasons WHY they are state invaders!

Bullfrog Paragraph

Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle

Flour Mill


How a Mill Works

Puss in Boots


Voki Advice to Third Graders!








Tessellation Island

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Triangular Numbers

Water Filter

Be sure to to provide an explanation to support your answers.

Cause & Effect Chart: chapt. 6, 39-41

Granger Essay File, make a copy. Share with kristin_woods

The reader could draw the following conclusion after reading chapters 4 & 5.

worker essay: copy and share with kristin_woods. see pages 20-21 and 25-28.

Nick Allen is a hard worker.

To talk about: Make a judgment. Do you think Nick's report was a success or a failure? Use text evidence to give a reason for your answer.

QUESTION #1 - PARCC - Short Answer
Plot a point on the number line that shows the location of 8/8.

number line 3 parcc.PNG

Chapts 1 & 2: The reader could draw the following conclusion: Nick Allen has a lot of ideas__. Support this conclusion with at least 3 details from Chapter 1. some from the second group started this.

Frindle 6-7 Open in one tab. Then describe how 5th grade is different than 4th grade and 3rd grade. Use 3 details from the story in your answer.

Support this conclusion with two details from the text.

Keep working on your Granger essay. Ms. Woods should have fixed your template.

Granger Essay Template. File, make a copy. Share with kristin_woods



Read Write Think Webbing for Character Traits

Ms Schwartz's Essay Example Template

Frindle 6-7 Open in one tab. Then describe how 5th grade is different than 4th grade and 3rd grade. Use 3 details from the story in your answer.

Nick Allen has a lot of ideas. To begin, he had the kids make small palm trees to turn the room into a tropical island. To continue.....

Bear Face

Origami Bunny


Maps of Japan


Skyscrapers clip

Skyscrapers in Japan during earthquake

More swaying

Dog Sledding Clip

Clip 2

Fraction Models

Optical Illusion Tours


Voki Site

Voki Tutorial

Arianna's Voki

Online Tangram Puzzles Open these in one tab. In another tab, search for tangram puzzles in google images and choose some to try.

Video for Logging onto the Chromebook the first time

Directions for logging into Edmodo


Making Your Own Tangram Set

Published Work 13-14
Our Vokis!
Our Vocaroos!
Our Comics: Miguel's

Our Sorry Poems. Listen to them!

Katrina & Miguel Jazmine, Hector

2nd rama skip over first monster, stop at 1:12 ---got to 4:37

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