Dogs vx. Cats by Dr. Becker, DVM

Cats vs. Dogs from Diffen website

Math Practice
Friday April 14


Ice-Breaking Ship

Math Friday, April 14 do #10

Brain Teasers

Test Three

Wacky Shoes story. Make a copy and share with kristin woods

Wizard of Oz Text and Questions Set up paper with page 3 A. B., page 4 A. B., page 5 A. B., page 6 A. B., page 9 A. B., page 12 A. B., page 14 A. B.

Wizard of Oz Essay. Make a copy and share with Ms. Woods

Sally text and questions

Sally Essay

Best Boat Writing Feb 13---copy this one to make it easier

Boat Hulls for the first citation and evidence

Encyclopedia Britannica for the second citation and evidence

For the third citation and evidence, click on one of these images/pictures: canoe, motorboat/speedboat, sailboat


Buoyancy minute. volume, float, sink, displace. Why is a boat made of heavy material able to float? It has to be the right s.

Buoyancy Basics with questions

Bill Nye What does displace mean? 9+50 in

displacement and volume----how much water is displaced by the same amount of clay?

Why is a boat made of metal able to float? It has to be the right s_.

If the amount of water and the object weigh the same amount, the object will f_.

Tennis ball sinks until it displaces as much water as it w___.

If the mass of the water is less than the mass of the object, the object will sink.

If the mass of the water displaced is greater than the mass of the object, the object will float

What types of bridges do we use today? What purposes do they serve? How are they made?
Look at google images of Denver bridges and answer again.

RACE bridge

Types of Bridges Information to Read Read carefully and then try the quiz!

Encyclopedia Britannica

Bridges Information for Kids

Discovery Brooklyn Bridge

How Stuff Works Brooklyn Bridge Summarize the Brooklyn Bridge information.

Bridges Information to Read

Which materials do you think are good for bridge building? predict before reading

Which force do you think caused your bridge to fall after pennies were added?

Strengthen the structures!

Try the forces on shapes!

Bill Nye Simple Machines

Simple Machines Clip


Advice to Fourth Graders







Noah H

Tessellation Island

Brain Bashers Brain Teasers

Hands on Banking

Acids & Bases

Acids and Bases Discovery Ed

Those Wacky Shoes!
Part A
Which is the best summary of the story?
  • A. The main character buys strange shoes at a thrift shop. A woman tells her she need to find a way to get out of the shoes or they will take her places she does not want to go.
  • B. The main character buys shoes that control her every step, and she cannot get them off. She thinks of a clever solution to get out of the shoes and asks some kids to help her.
  • C. The main character is stuck in a tree because she bought strange shoes that made her climb up the tree. When she jumps in a wagon, she loses her shoes, and the wagon rolls away.
  • D. The main character wears shoes that take her places and she gets stuck in a tree. She asks some kids to help her get down from the tree safely, and they finally bring a wagon with cement in it.

Based on the story, which phrases best describe the shoes? Select three phrases from the list that accurately describe the shoes by checking the boxes next to the three correct answers.
  • A. enjoy being in the sun
  • B. do whatever they want
  • C. like going on adventures
  • D. feel unhappy being on feet
  • E. outsmart the person who wears them
  • F. are similar to other sneakers
Which statement bestdescribes the main character between paragraph 4 and paragraph 10 in the story?
  • A. The main character is angry because the shoes make her walk quickly
  • B. The main character is frustrated because the shoes seem more clever than she is
  • C. The main character is scared because the shoes seem to be in control of her
  • D. The main character is jealous because the shoes have been tricked by other people
Based on the events in the story, which phrase best describes the main character as the end of the story?
  • A. proud that she tricked the shoes
  • B. unsure about where to buy new shoes
  • C. worried about what the shoes will do next
  • D. excited to learn where the shoes take the wagon

Wizard of Oz PARCC Reading

Intro to Decimals Video

QUESTION #1 - PARCC for first parcc group
In “Those Wacky Shoes,” a girl has to outsmart a pair of shoes. Think about the details the author uses to create the characters, settings, and events.

Imagine that you, like the girl in the story, find a pair of wacky shoes that won’t come off. Write a story about how you find the pair of wacky shoes and what happens to you when you are wearing them. Use what you have learned about the wacky shoes when writing your story.

Include: Beginning, Middle, End
Problem: shoes can't come off, solution?

Enter your answer and your work or explanation on the paper provided.

Intro to Decimals Video

Form for Wizard of Oz (or use google docs)

PARCC Math Problem: File, Make a copy. Name + math feb 1.
Hands On Banking

Opportunity Cost = the cost or value of what you give up when you choose one thing over another.
Trade Off = when you choose one thing over another or trade one thing for another.

An example of kinetic energy is...It is kinetic energy because...
An example of potential energy is...It is potential energy because...

Kinetic and Potential Energy (3:55)


A rolling boulder crashing down a mountain--that's kinetic energy! Kinetic!
The boulder sitting high upon the mountain--that's potential energy! Potential!
Energy in motion is kinetic! Energy that's waiting is potential!
But whether it's kinetic or potential, both of them are energy. OLE!
You stretch a rubber band and then release it--that's kinetic energy! Kinetic!
You stretch a rubber band and then you hold it--that's potential energy! Potential!
The heat that comes from gasoline is burning. That's kinetic energy. Kinetic!
The energy that gasoline has stored up. That's potential energy. Potential!

Circle Song

Value Line Ranking

Nike Investors

Pepsico Reports

Apple Investor Relations

VF Corporation (Vans)

Hot Topic is now a private company.

Under Armour Investor Relations

Walmart Investors

Coca Cola Investors

Ms. Woods look at Lamborghini later

Target Investors

CNN Money

Yahoo Finance

Stock Market Game begins Feb 2! You will be working in pairs to create a portfolio. You have $100,000 to invest.

Brand: A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a company setting it aside from rival products or company.

Company: A business or association usually formed to manufacture or supply products or services for profit

Design a raft that is able to float while carrying the maximum load for at least one minute.

Thurs. Nov.12

How many pennies did your raft hold?
How about after you make adjustments?

Exit Ticket
In our fourth grade group, a raft constructed of _seemed to be buoyant and less dense than water.

One idea I might try would be to ...

Density how heavy a thing is for its size

Buoyancy Brain Teasers submarine---1 lb +, rock from boat lowers, balloon to front

Raft Planning

More on buoyancy

Map of Colorado River Rafting

Home Made Rafts!

Mythbusters: Let's Talk Buoyancy!


Stretching and Compression

Wind Walker Obstacle Course

Funderstanding Coaster

Brainpop Physical Science

Marble Run

Design a raft that is able to float while carrying the maximum load for at least one minute.


Buoyancy Brain Teasers

Raft Planning

More on buoyancy

Map of Colorado River Rafting

Home Made Rafts!

Mythbusters: Let's Talk Buoyancy!

Buoyancy is the upward force produced by on an object. Buoyancy = of the water it displaces (pushes out/up)


Thursday, March 26
In Sundays' Denver Post, there was an article about cereal and General Mills. The article stated that fewer families sit down together to eat cereal. Very healthy brands such as Muesli and very unhealthy cereals such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, and Fruit Loops are doing well. Americans seem to buy very healthy and very indulgent products.

1. Go to the General Mills website and look at their different brands.

2. Predict how you think the company General Mills is doing (in your head), and then check yahoo finance.

Ms. Woods will ask you these questions for discussion:
Will do anything with General Mills in your portfolio? Explain
Are there any other food trends that you know about that will affect your investing?

To research your region, begin in Culturegrams States

Greenscreen from Dr. McGregor

Greenscreen Examples

Hollywoods and Greenscreen

Click on this link and make a copy. Call it your name Region to Visit. For example Ms. Woods Region to Visit.

NOAA Climate At a Glance Fill in your information to find helpful temperatures to plan your packing list.


Banana Republic
Old Navy
ION Sedan
Relay Minivan
ION Quad Coup
Frito-Lay & Pepsi
Taco Bell
A & W
Xbox = Microsoft
Nintendo = NTDOY
Dick's Sporting Goods
Jordans = Nike
Coca Cola

Stock Lists

Some Fourth Grade Animation Examples

Virtual Manipulatives

summary wacky---b
phrases for shoes---bcd
main charact 4-10. b shoes more clever
main charact at end : a

Science Extensions

4/14 : 35/8 and 4/8